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Visit Utah Discovers What Content Skiers Love and Boosts Engagements By 23%


About Visit Utah

The Utah office of tourism is a leader in tourism marketing with a wide variety of attractions. With the ski season and a large ad spend for it looming, Utah needed to better connect with skiers on Instagram.


Utah Needed to Reach Skiers on Social

Home to five national parks and arguably the greatest snow on earth, Utah’s natural beauty attracts visitors from all over the world. With all this beauty, the Utah Office of Tourism uses social media to showcase all they have to offer. But after digging into their engagement, Utah noticed their ski related content, which reflects their busiest season of the year, was underperforming.

The Goal

  • Discover what kinds of content resonates with skiers.
  • Use these insights to create optimized photos and videos to promote skiing in Utah.
  • Increase engagement on Instagram

Finding What Skiers Love

Cortex can identify what impact specific elements, colors, and text have on a piece of content's performance, then create content briefs to inform what to create. To find what drives Utah's content performance, we aggregated ski photos from a variety of sources and performed a cluster analysis.

Cluster analysis can identify what elements of a piece of content impact performance. So to see what resonates with skiers we:

  • Conducted a cluster analysis of over 10,000 ski photos from major ski resorts and publications to find out what content skiers love
  • Clustered groups of content based on elements such as objects in the photo, primary colors, and post copy
  • Identified each element's impact on performance and created a content creation brief for Utah's photographers to start shooting

Utah's Reinvented Content Planning

Our findings reinvented the content Utah created. They focused on creating content of beautiful landscapes and trees, featuring only one person, which led to a 4% increase in followers and a 23% increase in engagement on Instagram.

To make sure as many skiers as possible see Utah's optimized content, they will be using Cortex's Foresight social media deployment software to publish their content on the right platform at the perfect time for their audience for the ski season and beyond.

Content with pine trees
Content with Kids & Families
Content with 1 Person