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Let’s Build the Future of Creative Work Together

The Life of The Creative Has Changed

From Netflix shows and niche online videos, to social media and customized products - creative work has never been more in-demand. And with this rising demand has come a rapid increase workload: On average, marketing teams are required to produce 1000 times more creative content than they were a few decades ago.

And to meet demand, companies have simply asked more of their creative teams. More content, more channels, more reports - creating a “sweatshop” environment where creatives are asked to sacrifice quality.

And with that expected quantity increase, creatives are still constantly being questioned, overruled, and second-guessed based on opinion alone. Creatives have traditionally had a terrible time justifying their choices and their work, especially with cries from bosses claiming something“doesn’t feel right.”

For any sized team, this type of environment isn’t sustainable.

It sets teams up to fail.

It isn’t right and it has to change.

A Vision for the Future

The team at Cortex is made of creatives - advertising agency owners, creative directors, musicians, writers, composers - who have lived these issues and are passionately working to fix them.

That’s why we built Cortex. To give creatives and their bosses the ability to understand and communicate about creative work just as clearly as we understand numbers.

And with this product, our vision is a world where creatives can quantify their business impact, the performance of their work, and the underlying creative choices they make to their teams; while the teams can clearly see and appreciate the work their creatives are doing.

We believe we’re on the verge of living in a world where creatives are valued as much if not more, than the numbers-guys. And in building this world, we believe the work-life of creatives can be improved along the way.

Unlocking more time to be creative and making creative work less like a sweatshop will make creative jobs more like what we all imagined as undergrads - lots of time thinking, creating, and learning. And less time in dashboards, reporting, or churning out repetitive tasks.

We welcome your help in making this future a reality and hope you’ll come along with us on this journey.