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Logo Detection for the Broadcast and Beyond

As marketing channels continue to proliferate, sports sponsorships and signage are creating more value on social media than on TV. By using computer vision and focusing on where audiences are engaging most with sports content, we help sponsors, teams, and agencies measure the effectiveness and value of their sponsorships

Sponsorship in the Digital Arena

Using computer vision and machine learning, tracking sponsorship value is easier and more comprehensive than ever. Cortex analyzes broadcasts, owned accounts and fan content in real time to provide a detailed analytical view of sponsorship value. We enable brands and teams to unlock the full value of the images and photos of their fans.

Unlock Media Value Beyond the Game


Real time logo tracking and audits for clarity, visibility, placement, size, and duration.

Fan Content

Analysis on reach, engagement, quality, and audience demographics and preferences.

Owned Content

Breakdown of the reach, engagement, effectiveness, and media value.

Ad Auditing

Automate with computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Discover How Well Your Logo is Generating Attention

Cortex's Sponsorship Exposure Score is based on:



How easy it is as a viewer to identify what the brand in the frame is. The more movement, the blurrier the frame will be.


How long the ad logo is on the screen. The longer the screen time, the higher the value.



The amount of space that the logo takes up on the screen. The more space, the better.


Where the ad logo is in the frame. The closer to the center, the higher the value. 


How easy it is for a viewer to notice a logo and take note of what is being advertised.


 New York Knicks & Squarespace

During the 2017 - 2018 NBA season, half of the teams included sponsorships on their jerseys with a patch. Over the course of 29 games, Cortex tracked the logo exposure time for the New York Knicks’ sponsor, Squarespace, and found that it ranged from 5 minutes to 17 minutes with over half the games garnering 10 minutes of quality time.

Take Your Sponsorship Auditing to the Big Leagues

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