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Market and Consumer Insights

Traditional market research is broken. Firms charge exorbitant rates to use flawed and biased methods, often over a long period of time. Cortex Creative Market Research uses objective visual and textual data coupled with our AI platform. We steer clear of human biases and find the answer to any question in a matter of days, not months.

Objective Findings

Based on tens of thousands of data points and free of human bias

Fast Results

Delivered in days. not months

Holistic Perspective

Get full visibility into the industry and competitors, not just your historical data

Surprising Insights

Our software finds patterns humans just dont think to look for

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Content Audit

Marketing teams have never been able to know exactly what aspects of their creative are performing and which are hitting their customers the wrong way.

Content Audits allow a brand the first real look in the mirror. An objective way to see how different kinds of content are received, what's working, and what needs to change.

Understand Your Content



Competitive Content Audit

How much better would your marketing be if you could truly know how your competitors’ creative has performed and exactly what strategies they use for each product? Cortex’s Competitive Content Audit gives you information on competitor’s content marketing strengths and weaknesses, with detailed and actionable insights into what kinds of images, visual styles, colors, features, and accompanying text drive performance.

Learn Their Strategies



Visual Vocabulary Report

Want to understand the content landscape for your industry as a whole? Every industry has a visual style, but what will make you stand out from the crowd while keeping the right look and feel? With our machine learning visual analysis of your entire industry or sub-industry you will understand the patterns that resonate with your consumers, while finding the perfect opportunities to be different. With objective creative data at the industry level, always have the perfect benchmarks to explain your creative strategy to internal stakeholders.

See Your Industry's Style

Creative Study

Every brand has that burning question that no traditional method can help them answer. Does my content perform better if there are people in my photos or not? Do my millennial focused ads do better in Summer or Winter? Does the red version of my packaging result in more or less discussion on social media than the blue version. Is my beer brand the most social beer? (Unless you’re Bud Lite, the answer is no.)

Cortex’s AI can answer these questions to help you find new ways to market your product, or prove that bold marketing claim once and for all.

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Launch Plan

Are you bringing a new brand or product to market? Don’t go forward without the knowledge to make the best marketing choices to reach your desired demographic. Based on your industry and aspirational brands that already resonate with your target audience, and focused on your business goals, our AI will provide you with a launch analysis to help you make the right creative decisions to position and communicate your new venture, product, or service.

Inform Your Positioning




New Market Expansion

Are entering a new market? How will you know if those customers will respond to your current marketing, or do they need a different touch?

Learn exactly how to change your images, calls to action, and video to succeed in that new market. Based on your business goals, our AI will provide you with a new market expansion plan to guarantee you make the right creative decisions to position and communicate your new venture.

Understand Your New Audience







Diversity Audit

Do your visual assets represent the diverse customer group that you serve? These days, where brands are dealing with tens of thousands of images and videos, it’s hard to know for sure. Using our industry-leading machine vision, Cortex can quickly audit all of your visual assets letting you know the diversity of the people in your content by race, gender, and age to better connect with all your customers.

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