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Make Your Brand Iconic

Discover your audience's tastes

& the cues that drive conversion

Get granular insight into the way your audience perceives your brand and competitors. From strategic brand pillars, to product and campaign initiatives, down to the details that make the difference

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LOreal Black

Content Audit

Discover the visual themes, features, colors, composition, and accompanying messaging that is resonating with your audience.



Visual Vocabulary

Each industry has its own visual language. Know what styles are performing today, and how to keep abreast of emerging trends.

“Cortex's creative strategy changed the way we plan campaigns with clients from the top down. We start with discovering high impact trends, then identify the best ways to execute them. As a result, we get more buy-in from clients and are seeing dramatic results”

CJ Roberts
Director of Strategy, Pandemic Labs

Market Analysis

You only get one chance to launch right. Identify how to stand out to your new customers and while staying true to your brand.


Creative Study

Finally answer that burning question about your creative. Should your ad show people, or just product? Beaches, or speakeasies? Now you can know for sure.


Take your creative strategy to the next level

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