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Cortex launches Smart Budgeting

Matt Peters
17 May 14:05 PM

Paid promotion is more important than ever. If you're like most people, you have either been spreading your budget evenly across all posts (i.e. $100/day every day) or you've been picking a few hero posts each month and pumping all your promotional spending into them. Whether you have a small boosting budget or a huge integrated plan for promoting your posts, Cortex has just made your life easier.


Using our innovating artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your social profiles and the ad platforms on those social networks, Cortex can now tell you exactly how much to put behind each of your posts to get the best results. You tell Cortex your budget, and it builds you the perfect spending plan.

The truth is that there is an optimal spend for any given social media post. Your tweet Friday night at 7pm might warrant $40 of engagement boosting while the following tweet on Saturday morning shouldn't get any boosting. These things are nearly impossible to know without advanced machine learning and pattern recognition.

This release adds to our already robust platform that ensures you always make the right content, publish it at the right times, and now, promote it with the right amount of money.

Interested in learning more about Cortex? Drop us a line here.

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