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Cortex announces Sharing Recommendations

John Lahr
7 May 10:05 AM

Content recommendations in Cortex's Foresight calendar just got smarter. Now with Sharing Recommendations, Cortex has automated searching and scheduling engaging third party content.

An important piece of many brands social media strategy is sharing relevant content from third-party sources about their industry. Beyond filling their content calendar, a well thought sharing strategy allows content marketers to:

  • Add context around a product and message
  • Grow brand relevance and visibility
  • Stay top of mind with interesting content
  • Build relationships with influencers and grow a broader community

But the time required to hunt for quality content to share often means this important piece of social media is rushed or falls by the wayside entirely outside of a few shares and retweets here and there. Now, with Sharing Recommendations this way of sharing is a thing of the past.

After giving Cortex the parameters of sharing strategy (what to share, what not to share, how often third party content should be shared) it then uses this knowledge to search the web and find articles that are:

  • New
  • High-quality
  • Relevant to your strategy

When it finds these articles, it pulls them back and slots them into the optimal times slots on your Foresight calendar. Then when a user logs in, they see these recommendations as draft posts that they can open, caption, edit, approve, or reject.

It's like the world's smartest google alert pumping content right into a brand's publishing calendar, automatically.

Want to learn more about Sharing Recommendations and all Cortex's content recommendations? Get in touch!

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