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Who’s the Next Alexa?

Brennan White
October 25, 2019

The Current situation 

The general goal of home devices is to make your life easier; which is why they are “smart devices”. These devices are enthralled with machine learning, and artificial intelligence that work so you don’t have to. To attract more revenue, these brands are competing to provide the best brand experience their client. 

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Picture1-2We can all believe that our home device holstered on our kitchen counter is filled with solutions to our issues. Sure, they have problem solving capabilities, but they have room for improvement as well. 

From Google’s "Google Home", to Amazon’s "Alexa", there is a general consensus that these devices need an update if they want to stay ahead of their market's curb and enhance their brand experience. 

Below are suggestions as to how home devices can gain competitive advantage and increase their mindshare.

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Understanding Multiple Language Preferences

Right now, Alexa is only fluent in English, German, and Japanese. For this technology business to attract more sales, these companies need to use adaptive marketing by using machine learning techniques to learn more languages. 

giphy (1)-33Translation:

Alexa can use Google Translate as a third-party tool, but it doesn’t work as well as a first party translation feature installed within a device. The "next new Alexa" is a part of a global industry and needs to operate like one by providing opportunities for their customers. Opportunities can’t be met when lacking language comprehension. 

Text to Speech Systems:

Not only should this device have an array of languages, and dialects, but accents and voices. If the best next Alexa was able to fully understand someone's accent, the consumer would have their requests met more efficiently. To reach this, the device could learn accents through machine learning, or provide an accent setting for the consumer to manually put in preferences.

Picking between various male and female voices would improve the brand experience for the user. A similar model to this idea is Google’s Siri.

Superior Visuals

There is no secret that the goal of smart home devices is to make your house a smart house. That said, since sight is a human sense, shouldn’t there be visual implications in the device? 

giphy (2)-27

Project visuals:

To enhance the user’s visual intelligence and actually see what their device is doing, a projector installed in the device would raise the bar for mindshare. No one wants to buy a projector, and a home device, then connect them; it’s important the projector is already in the device. This will increase customer experience and sales if customers know they are not sold separately.


If you have a projector, wouldn't it make sense to have a camera as well? This would allow users to use Facetime and take photographs. It’s important to note that the device would have the capability to turn off the camera.

If this camera was on, it could be used as a security feature. For instance, if someone had a home invasion, your camera could capture the act and project it through the projector.

Privacy Features

Though home smart devices are a fun, hot topic of today, the daunting idea of privacy can always improve. 

Voice detection: 

Similar to using a fingerprint on your phone as a lock code, making your device detect the voice of the user will help implement security. Registering your voice as the owner of your device prevents any miscommunication and improves the devices comprehension of your natural language. 

If a non-owner of the device mentions the date of an appointment, your device will know not to schedule it into your calendar. 

Giving your device a reign check: 

Though we keep these devices near and dear to our hearts, a device that’s able to completely shut down will calm the user’s anxiety. No one needs a device listening to them at all times.

Users should have complete control over what is heard and not. For research purposes, some companies use retrieve all the analytics from their devices. Shutting down does not mean the device would not function at all. This offline feature could function as an iPhone without service; still put dates in your calendar and play your downloaded music.


An additional potential privacy feature is verbally telling the device what to delete. Whether it’s deleting everything to “everything I said in the past ten hours”, it’s important to note that for this feature to work, only the owner’s voice can delete information. 

Physical Makeup 

With all the money you spend on a smart home device, you should be certain it won't break. Some argue that the device never leaves your kitchen counter anyways. That said, these companies should encourage their customers to use their devices in various ways. 


If a product is waterproof, people will be inclined to use it more frequently, and in different situations. Overall durability of the product makeup will improve the customer’s experience. If the next Alexa improves durability before competing brands, the company’s mindshare will only increase. 


A company can encourage traveling with your product through the physical makeup of the product, then advertising through various channels. Some physical changes include selling cases to protect the device, making a lighter device, and manufacturing with durable materials. Relationships between the consumer and the business will grow closer if they use mobility as a marketing strategy.

What’s next? 

The home device market will only expand from here and managing unique product will only contract. The next Alexa device will strategize campaigns that improve their inclusivity, visuals, privacy, and physical features. 

Being known for a niche product compared to the rest of its market will increase your customer’s experience, mindshare, and market share.

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