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Understanding creative market research

John Lahr
June 22, 2018

Creative market research is one of the most overlooked aspects of creative process for marketing assets for a new company, product, or campaign. It gives you a deep understanding of people’s preferences while evaluating purchasing a product and helps in mapping content to the buyers experience. By understanding how the market will react to the product and messaging around it, you can dramatically increase the success of the campaign, while limiting the amount of time split testing endless permutations of creative.

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Starting steps for the creative research

The first step in research is compiling the data set. The two most useful kinds of data are at the market and audience levels. This will give you a strong grounding in the industry at large and help you understand how to create messaging and campaigns that resonate with your specific audience.

To accomplish this some companies create surveys and questionnaires or conduct in-depth focus groups with potential customers.The problem with any form of questionnaire is the fact that the subjects know that they are being questioned about preferences, dislikes etc. This alters the test results and takes away a bit of its credibility.

what-is-market-researchFor both the market and your audience, it is important to look at both sentiment and performance data and how correlated they really are. Sentiment analysis is useful for understanding how customers are talking about products and what they are reacting positively and negatively to. Performance data will then reveal what the major drivers of performance are. Methods such as cluster analysis show what keywords, objects in images, colors, and other creative choices have the biggest impact on marketing performance.These kinds of analysis are a proven way to understand the consumer’s behavior towards you offerings, and are free of the inherent bias in surveys or focus groups.

The information that marketers are going to find will be fascinating and unexpected because the answers that is being collected will show what the customers are actually wanting and responding to. When combined with with technology like AI that is able to dive deeper into analysis, you also conduct the research at a quick pace to roll out learnings while they are fresh. Machine learning assisted intelligence creates questions that are unbiased and generates unobvious questions to find the strongest connections and be able to determine the most effective ways to market to consumers.

Discovering new messaging through Creative Market Research

Bud Light’s summer advertising is a powerful example of what creative market research can uncover. They wanted to be the go-to beer that friends grab from the shelf when getting together. The problem that they were facing was how to position themselves as the most “social” on social media and find the best images to convey Bud Light is best enjoyed with friends.

AB - InBev Case Study

Using computer vision and cluster analysis, Bud Light was able to find that if they had more females in their pictures and their post was of a social occasion with people holding a beer, their picture will have a higher level of engagement. They had a 38% increase in engagement per photo, along with finding out that their beer is 25% more social than any other beer. Cortex’s research was able to illustrate how Bud Light visuals had to contain a certain amount of people, have a ratio of more girls to guys and to have the set be at a social situation.

Creative market research allows you to know in advance how people will respond to your offering, and how to best align your messaging with what they already want to buy. Utilizing the trends that are occurring in the market and having a pipeline of objective data will give your product a strong market position and guarantee customers will be receptive to your messaging around it.

In the upcoming weeks we will be diving deeper into how to create more effective content that will move your audience to engage more deeply with your brand and products.

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