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Top 5 Social Media Platforms To Use To Become A Powerful Influencer

Donna James
August 27, 2020

Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Use to Become a Powerful Influencer

Social media gives influencers the perfect opportunity to gain followers. Becoming a powerful influencer involves finding the right platform, publishing quality content, having a unique style, being consistent and building relationships. 

Once an influencer has established a solid follower base, brands may be interested in collaborations. A study by Tomoson shows that influencer marketing offers a $6.50 return on investment for every dollar spent. Influencer marketing is obviously an important key to business development, which gives influencers great opportunities. 


Instagram is a dynamic marketing platform for businesses, especially for those wanting to reach younger audiences. Its shoppable photos feature provides e-commerce brands with great opportunities to sell products. Businesses are increasingly using influencers to target the right audiences because they already have the ears of their followers. 

Cortex has some interesting social media marketing statistics on the top social media platforms, including Instagram. For instance, companies tend to pay anything from $100 to $2085 on average to popular Instagram bloggers for posting content recommending their products. 

Of course, celebrities and famous personalities have large Instagram followings due to their fame. One of the best examples is Kim Kardashian, who has over 147 million followers and collaborates with various different brands, including the company Skims. 

However, there are all types of influencers on Instagram, and most of all, what predominates, are profiles in segments such as lifestyle, fashion, and travel. Lately, micro-influencers are becoming increasingly popular. They may have a smaller audience but this often means higher engagement. As competition grows, we are likely to see influencers at all levels getting attention from brands. 


Nearly 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Businesses often collaborate with different types of influencers that record videos for YouTube to promote their products. An example of a powerful influencer on YouTube is the gamer, RubiusOMG, who has over 25 million subscribers and partners with brands like Sony Picture. 

Many YouTube subscribers relate more to YouTube content creators than traditional celebrities and are more likely to follow advice from them on what to buy. They trust them nearly as much as their friends and almost half have purchased a product after they see an influencer use it on YouTube. 

Experts at twiftnews say that when brands use influencers to talk about their products within the video content, this works better than traditional video ads that interrupt videos. Unboxing videos, exclusive reviews and product teaser campaigns are some examples of the ways influencers can create an early buzz around a new product and help brands to achieve sales goals once the product is released. 


Statista reports that Facebook has nearly two billion active users on a monthly basis. With such a massive user base, it is possible for an influencer marketing campaign to have a very wide reach. It is also an extremely versatile platform with all kinds of different content. People use Facebook to entertain and educate themselves, to communicate and connect, to play games and more. 

Intrusive advertising is not popular on Facebook, which is why influencer marketing is more profitable for brands who understand their target audience. According to a Mediakix study, each user spends about 35 minutes a day on the platform, so it offers high engagement. 

Facebook is a good channel for promoting things like a giveaway contest through influencers. Ziera Footwear did this successfully with their Unstoppable Women campaign, using fashion influencers like Katherine Saab of Stylendipity. She hosted the contest on her blog and promoted it through her Facebook page.


There are about 330 million active monthly users on Twitter and recent Twitter studies have shown that customers spend three to 20 percent more on the average price of a product when a brand responds to a tweet. Users are also more likely to share their positive experiences when a brand responds to them on Twitter. 

Food influencers on Twitter will offer cooking tips, share recipes and recommend restaurants. Health and fitness experts share about the equipment they use, supplements they favor, and the gyms they attend. There are influencers of every kind on Twitter with varying amounts of followers. 

The following example shows just how effective Twitter can be, especially when promoting a cause. Jérôme Jarre is a Snapchat influencer who partnered with Turkish airlines to bring humanitarian aid to Somalia. He took to Twitter using the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia and was able to raise a million dollars in 24 hours and $2 million in the first five days of the campaign. 


LinkedIn has over 600 million members and 300 million active users. This makes it the largest professional networking site. It is the best platform for influencers who are business-oriented and offers great opportunities for network marketing. 

Almost half of LinkedIn users are in upper management positions, making this the perfect platform for B2B companies who want to target decision-makers in different industries. Highly educated professionals use the platform to gather information before making buying decisions. 

To become an influencer on LinkedIn, it is important to post the type of content that’s helpful to professionals. Users follow those who offer industry insights in detailed posts, articles or videos. In this way, it is possible to develop a reputation and become a thought leader in a particular field. 

LinkedIn tools are available to help build relationships with relevant people and create influencer marketing campaigns. 

A final word

Becoming a powerful influencer takes more than just finding the right platform. It takes time and commitment to build up the type of following that will attract the attention of brands. However, establishing a solid fan base can offer amazing opportunities to collaborate with brands and achieve financial success.

With the rise of micro-influencers, there are even more opportunities than before. What is often of more interest to brands than the number of followers an influencer has is how engaged they are. The sky is the limit for influencers who have taken the time to build up authentic relationships with their followers. 

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