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The Importance of Visual Content for Brand Building

Matt Peters
September 07, 2022

Let’s talk about the rise of TikTok. The app was launched in 2016, and by 2021, this video-first platform reached over 1 billion monthly active users. How did they grow to that size in just five short years?

Visual content.

Words can't be the driving force of your marketing initiatives anymore. As everything around us continues to go digital, there is an ongoing demand for more substance. Something that grabs the consumer's attention, pulls them in and keeps them interested. The ongoing shift from platforms like Twitter and print magazines to TikTok has shown us how in-demand visual content is and how it’s dramatically changing how individuals interact with brands they love.

You may be wondering: How exactly does this apply to brand building?

Building a brand is about creating a persona that exists beyond the moments when customers are actually interacting with your products or services. If you aren’t taking advantage of highly visual content, you could risk losing your competitive edge or the brand recognition you deserve.

We’re here to show you just how important visual content is for your brand-building strategy.

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Why you're never done brand building

Visuals are crucial to building and maintaining the brand you’ve worked so hard to create. Everything you’ve done for your branding up to this point is to build credibility with your community. Now that your brand is established, it’s time to step up your marketing game.

As a marketer, you’ll need a data-driven advertising strategy, content that resonates with your audience, and compelling visuals that leave an impact. You'll need to have an open mind and be open to new opportunities.

Everything you do after this point is ongoing and ever-changing.

Here’s why:

New digital marketing trends

Trends come and go. To stay relevant, you’ll need to adjust to these changes. Whether it’s a new social media platform you can leverage or a new TikTok trend: there’s always an opportunity for your brand to gain awareness and adjust your brand-building strategy.

Keep your brand top of mind

You can’t expect your audience to just remember your brand. You’ll need to remind the consumer that you’re an asset and show the value you provide. The best way to do this is to create visual content, advertising, videos, and photos.

Your brand has changed

A brand needs to face change head-on and look for ways to stay relevant in the digital age. A brand refresh is a tactical move that allows you to upgrade your visual branding, revise your brand voice, and ensure you never lose your competitive edge. Whether your logo is outdated or your messaging has changed over the years, making subtle changes to your identity can help perverse the integrity of your brand and reach new markets.

Why Visual Content Matters

Visual content will always outrank the power of words. Studies tell us that individuals remember 10% of the information they hear, but when you add a photo into the mix, they remember 60% of it.

Visual content is everywhere. It’s in the blogs you skim and videos you watch on social media. It’s in the search engine when searching for a recipe, and in the emails you open looking for a special promotion.

Every component that you cross paths with influences your decision-making process. If the photos of the recipe you’re reading look great, you’ll probably choose that one. If the makeup tutorial video makes you feel like you can do it, you’ll gain the confidence to give it a go.

However, you can’t just create just to create. Your brand will need to invest in quality visual content of all types if you want to build your brand and convey your brand identity to your target audience.

Here’s why strategically crafting visual content is crucial to your brand building:

Creates a connection

Everything you do is for your audience. Whether it’s the email marketing campaign you built or the website updates you made: Everything is crafted with your audience in mind. With the help of content analytics and data, you can see what is successfully helping you derive a connection with your audience. These tools provide fruitful insights into your customer and will help you be more strategic in the future.

It takes less effort

Think about it: Would you rather read a 2,000-word blog or watch a 1-minute video about the same thing? Chances are, you’ll always choose the video. With visual content, you have an opportunity to appeal to the lazier audience and increase your reach.

Convey emotions

Consider what brands you actively follow on social media. What do you like that they do? Is it the images of the products? The videos they add to their stories? What entices you to shop for their brand? Chances are, the visuals leave an impact on you. They help you visualize the clothes you want to order from them or drive that new car you just purchased.

Enhance your website

Visuals look better than words. They help you develop a persuasive and memorable website that keeps prospects engaged with your brand.

Educate and provide value

Deep dives, photo carousels, and how-to videos are all incredibly popular. They break down hard-to-digest ideas and make them easier for the audience to understand. You can play with animations, have some with the visuals, and help your audience grow trust with your brand.

Helps your sites rank higher on the SERPs

Visual content is a great tool that can help with your SEO efforts. With high-quality content, your brand can generate backlinks, keep users engaged on your website, and help make your brand more discoverable. With the right photos, your website will be easier for search engine crawlers to identify and give you a competitive edge.

Build trust

Video and photos build trust with your consumers. It’s a tool that allows you to create an emotional connection with your prospects and establish credibility.

Showcase your true brand identity

With videos and photos, you can easily showcase your complete identity. You can play with colors, music, and fonts. You can expertly craft the perfect vibe for your content and help your audience visualize themselves experiencing your products.

Building an effective visual content strategy

Stay consistent

Consistency helps build trust with your community. Always use fonts that complement your messaging and your logo. Develop a style guide your designers can follow to ensure your content is consistent across different platforms.

Have a plan for video content

In a survey by Social Media Week, 78% of people watch a video every week, 55% view videos online, and over 54% of consumers want to see more videos. Your audience wants more video content.

Video content allows you to tell a story. Whether you’re creating short and quick 30 seconds videos designed or developing long-form video content that adds value and teaches an individual something new, your brand can benefit from it all.

Make sure your messaging resonates with your audience

With the help of photos and videos, marketers have an opportunity to take their messaging to the next level. You can take your blog, brand messaging, or the details of your latest product launch and turn them into a compelling piece of memorable content.

Utilizing lifestyle and organic content

Lifestyle images and organic video content are tools that help brands feel relatable and build trust with their community. They help individuals feel connected to your brand’s purpose and help the individual envision their experience with your brand.

Using content analytics

When building a visual content strategy, your audience will always be the driving force of what you create. With that in mind, it will also dictate the type of content you develop. With the right content analytics, you can successfully create visuals that help you increase engagement and conversions over time. These analytics allow you to understand your brand's impact on the consumer and help you find new opportunities to mimic that content to gain more traction.

Stop reading and get started

Visual content effectively communicates information and tells your brand’s story. It’s a visual representation of your voice, tone, messaging, and product offerings.

By fine-tuning your visual components and prioritizing content that leaves an impact on your audience, you can take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

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