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Supplement Marketing Team with AI

John Lahr
July 27, 2017

Marketing leaders know the importance of keeping up to speed with new technology developments and using data to inform their strategy. The problem is, most tools provide data and reports, but very few actionable insights. Marketers shouldn't have to become data scientists to understand the results of their campaigns; their suite of tools should offer simple, straightforward guidance on ways to improve. Artificial intelligence is set to do exactly that. AI can take over the many low-value, mundane, repeatable tasks and free up human resources for more valuable things.

Consider writing and scheduling content for your social media profiles:

Creating unique content to publish each day (sometimes multiple times a day) for each channel is tedious enough. But improving that content - to increase engagements, reach, click-thru rates - is time- and data-intensive. Identifying the best times to post, the best post type, the best hashtags to use, etc can take a human days, if not weeks. By then, the data is outdated. However, AI can find those insights, plus many more, in seconds. Additionally, using automation, it can surface those insights into a template for you, kind of like paint-by-numbers for content.

Have you ever met a marketer who had enough time or resources to do everything he/she needs to do and couldn't highlight processes that could be more efficient? That routine work (data collection and analysis, email campaign optimization, social media content improvement, ad placement and targeting, and more) can be given to AI, so marketers can focus on the truly creative work.

The best place to start is by finding those small, repetitive tasks that take up the most time and provide the least value. The basic AI systems are easy and fast to set up. The important thing is to get started soon, test out the technology, and build from there. The sooner you begin, the farther ahead you will be.

To learn more about AI for marketing, the applications, and how to implement it in your company, check out the Definitive CMO Guide to Artificial Intelligence.

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