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Staying Relevant: Branding Trends in 2020

May 21, 2020

With the intense competition and constant technological innovations, it's very necessary for you to have a proper branding strategy for 2020.

Branding in 2020? Do you want your brand to stand out? Do you wish to stay relevant among your audience?

Here are top 10 branding trends which will help you stay relevant:

1. Personalization is the key

In the era of big data, personalization may simply denote another client expectation, but it’s also a vital marketing trend to see, and it’s key to developing trust with viewers. 

In a study of more than 1,000 U.S. people by data firm Segment, 71 percent stated that they were disappointed by impersonal buying experiences.

Clients associate with people and not products. If your audience can associate with your brand in a more personalized way, people are more inclined to believe it. You require to develop authentic relationships with clients rather than just attempting to sell to them.

You require to speculate about the brand personality you need to extend. What is your sole voice? Your clients expect to see a human being at the back of your brand. They desire to feel a personal connection. Several businesses automate processes now, but automation cannot rule. Blending it with personalization is necessary.

2. Chatbots are still in trend

Chatbots are transforming the way customers interact with the brand. Many companies use chatbots today, but it's seen that a chatbot that sounds artificial is not able to do the work. 

Customers today prefer talking to a chatbot, which gives them a feeling like they are talking to a human. With the advancements in AI, companies are able to be available every time for the customer to chat. 

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A study has shown that many users favor connecting through active live chat than a phone call or communicate through an email. Using a chatbot, people can communicate with your brand and get related emails in their inboxes. 

3. Online communities

An online brand community is another way of involving the audience. Brands are now coming up live in communities where customers can talk about various topics related to the niche. 

One such example is the brand Sephora coming up with an online community where the audience can give beauty tips and make and answer queries. This will make the customer feel more valued as they have a space to talk about their concerns, and their opinions are given more consideration.

4. Customer service

If you want to make sure that your customer stays loyal to you, you have to ensure maximum customer engagement.

Brands let their customers connect to them 24/7 . You need to have very good customer service so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and clients come back to you. You have to ensure you stay available to your customer. 

When customer service increases, so does the brand loyalty. To build client loyalty, you are required to give an excellent client experience. This runs beyond presenting perks or rewards. It ought to be something that distinguishes you from your rivals. 

By 2020, client experience is supposed to overhaul price and product as a differentiator. 

5. Come up with good quality content

Give very good content to your customers. People love good quality and reliable content. Excellent educational content is an in-demand asset in the market. 

Delivering relevant content less frequently is more satisfying than creating weak content every day. The audience will enjoy an in-depth interpretation of the content that will please and tutor them.

6. Have a good strategy

Come up with a very good marketing strategy. Only when you plan your strategies in advance only then you will be able to cope up with the highly competitive market. 

Brands have to always plan for something that will differentiate themselves from the rest of the marketers. 

A significant strategy needs a unified procedure. It necessitates to be considered by representatives from diverse functions such as marketing, sales, and client assistance. 

Offers and recommendations should all be brought into deliberation in extending up with a strong strategy. Building this kind of plan can be tasking if you aren’t then used to with all the digital marketing possibilities accessible to you. Think of renting a digital marketing expert to help in this planning program.

7. Native display advertisements

In 2020, Display adverts are not sufficient. The standard banner advert holds a pretty faint click-through rate. Setting deeply targeted promotional content that meets real-time queries guarantees that users get more appropriate advertising content. 

Local display ad revenue is expecting to form up a considerable percentage of complete display ad income in the future. Native adverts are content-based, so they are more modest and mingle in seamlessly with the surrounding content. This content has to contribute sense to a user and not merely be an advert masked as content.

8. Influencer marketing

This has been in trend for a long time, and brands are always going behind influencers to collaborate with their brands. 


People would be able to connect with the brand when somebody they admire, talks about the brand. While searching for an influencer, the brand has to keep in mind getting an influencer who their customers can connect to and also one who can go with the brand image. 

Influencer marketing is a very important branding trend that one should not miss out on.

9. Think about mobile first

People are more comfortable using their mobiles as they can use it everywhere. A brand must make sure they are mobile-friendly. Your branded content should fit the requirements for the mobile with more emphasis on mobile interaction. 

There is a high possibility of emails to be read on mobile, and unfortunately, if your email is not mobile-friendly, you will be missing out on a lot of prospects. Make sure to show curated good content on mobiles rather than bombarding the users with things they will not even relate to.

10. Have social conscience

Some branding trends are very short and get dropped as quickly as they come. But, social conscience has lasting importance. Today customers want to believe that companies care about the same causes they do. They desire businesses to worry about the environment and be extra intended about inclusion, diversity and opportunity.  

New brands necessitate demonstrating that they worry about people as much as profits to build faith and commitment. Millennials assume multinationals possess the capability to relieve some of society’s greatest difficulties and aspire them to do more.

Wrapping up

Brand positioning is essential to have your brand to sustain in the aggressive market. 

Today branding demands a different approach than how it was performed applying conventional techniques. It's always about creating a good customer experience and presenting something to the customers that your competitor does not. 

If you carefully plan your branding strategy in 2020, you can be 100% sure that your brand is going to stay relevant in the diverse field of marketing.

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