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Posts 4,708
Interactions 130,227,604
Audience  Young women ages 18-35 who buy   skincare and beauty products. 
Time Period 1 year, August 2019- August 2020


This is the series where we show you specific insights and data about your brand and its competition. 

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When brands have a common audience, a marketer must ask themselves, how do we compete against each other? The hundreds of clusters in this cohort teases out the nitty- gritty of what makes visuals work. and are efficient with certain brands and audiences. 

What  color should you focus your campaign around? What about subject? What about text?

Read on to find out about how Cortex generates the hundreds of clusters of color, context, that give insight into what does and doesn't make their content work for their brand. 

So lets see the data... How exactly is their content performing? What makes the visuals work? What makes your content stand out? What constitutes a winner amongst visual content? 

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Content Data- Positive Performing Clusters
Posts of hair styles and waves performs 83% above median performance of Dove and competitors like Sephora. This is one of the highest performing clusters amongst these competing brands. 


Visuals with a content focused  on one or more makeup palettes with multiple colors performs 70% stronger than competitors in this cohort. 

See The Trends Driving The Most Conversions  For The Cosmetics Industy

Visuals with a content focused specifically eyeshadow or eyeshadow palettes, performs 70% above median performance of these visuals with a content focused specifically on makeup, skincare, and beauty.

Lip and lip and lipstick posts perform 59% above median performance. That means Dove, a primarily body wash, shampoo, and conditioner brand should focus their visuals more on lips and lipstick.

What about just lip sticks or gloss? lip sticks and gloss performs 45% above median performance of Dove and competitors.


Cosmetics clusters performs 38% above median performance of these brands.


What about the product just in the bottle? How does that perform against competitors? The answer is 23% above average. 

What does product placement do for Dove? In this cluster, we can see how showing the actual product absolutely works to help show the brand.

COLORS- Positive Performing Clusters


Visuals with prominent Thistle (pink and green) perform 46% above median performance of these competitors. With this data and insights, brands are able to see where they excel and decline. 


The color Coral performs 34% above median performance of Dove and competitors in the beauty industry.


Light coral performs 34% above median performance of these brands. 


The color Light Sea Green performs 19% above median engagement performance of these brands. 


The color brown performs 25% above median engagement performance of these brands. Next we will be talking about the different versions of pink and the data insights that show the slight difference between their performances. 


The color pink performs 23% above median performance of these brands and clusters. 


When we consider plum, a very similar color to pink, we see that the performance is 21% above median performance. 




Finally we can round out these visual insights by showing how a slight difference in what most would identify as pink, actually matters for a brand to a certain extent, but the actual difference amongst the colors varies only slightly. 

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