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How to Make Your Content Intelligence Application 10x Better

John Lahr
June 07, 2019

There is no need to generalize: just as your company is more than just a company, your customers are more than just customers. They are individual people that live and breathe in this world. Use the experience of transforming your content intelligence application to rekindle the flame with both your customers and your co-workers. You’re in this together and you can bond over the fact that everything is transforming in this digital age. A lot of us have no idea what is really going on, although we know that it will be a long process.

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There are specific things that are unique to your staff and company that are going to guide this process. For example: how, and in what capacity, are you going to use the information that you gain about your customers obtained by content intelligence? Thankfully, if we communicate about it enough, we can update the beliefs and expectations that we have about each other.

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Your online store where you display your product catalogue, the announcements you make on social media, they all insinuate something to the customer that either attracts or repels them. In an information-ridden world such as this one, sometimes you only have one chance. And in a way, the customer is the one who is truly intelligent about your content.

The software implementation switchover is appealing because it presents new opportunities and experiences. Adopting this new technology is a better alternative to what you are doing now with regard to your marketing strategy because it is a technological necessity, and, basically everyone else is doing it.

Content Intelligence does not change anything, it provides you with more detailed and accurate information about individual customer experiences so that they can better relate to your brand and vice versa. People like brands for what they stand for; we all have desires, and the brands that represent us are somehow quenching those desires.

The way we “behave” online is tracked, and this information is used to inform brands of what you are like. Our using, accessing, viewing, reading, and clicking, is translated into data that is extrapolated by intelligence within a company. Artificial intelligence is responsible for this process which helps us to evolve our own processes.

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People reveal a lot about themselves online; they try to make up certain appearances. The online world is a stage for our thoughts, ideas, emotions, our imagination, our hopes and our dreams. The content that we create generates data that can be analyzed, and from which conclusions can be drawn.

Content intelligence has to take root in a certain environment; some brands are more organized than others, some are more active on social media than others, some have more of a strategy for their physical stores than they do for online stores. You can’t go wrong by putting the customer at the center of the company process.

Not only is the entire company going to gain from software implementation, but even more so from having a well thought out implementation plan. The process of software implementation is daunting, but if you can come up with a highly detailed software implementation plan, your company will benefit greatly.

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First, you need to assess and evaluate the current state. How is content currently produced, and by whom? It is vital to understand and clarify the objectives from this point forward. Content Intelligence can help you publish content that is consistent across multiple channels so that people can recognize your brand no matter where they are scrolling.

With regard to successful implementation, you need to ask yourself, "How will the end users benefit?"

If you provide the most granular details possible to the software vendor, you can count on those details being the driving force behind your software implementation plan. This way, less discrepancies will exist between how you imagine the implementation plan to carry out and how it actually carries out.

Educate your staff. Find a small team of technically skilled and capable people who can learn the ins and outs of the new software, because successful implementation and adaption is going to make the solution sustainable. This team should show natural enthusiasm and be involved early and often because they are going to help others to learn and adapt to the new software.

Reach out to your users and make known their pain points. After all, what you do is for them in the end. Understand where their pain points overlap, as this is going to be your main area of interest with regard to the implementation process.

What should the software do for your company? What are your needs? clarify them with the vendor . The most arduous tasks need to be brought up with the software vendor. Between the software vendor, your end-users and your small team of highly-skilled staff whose job is to train the rest of your staff, you are going to have some new best friends.

We are all in the midst of a digital transformation. Software implementation is inevitable for companies that intend to survive. The gap between your vision and execution needs to be incredibly small in order for your implementation plan to carry out successfully. So, get different perspectives: interview your intended users about what matters to them. It is a long process that is feedback driven and perfected over time.

Make sure that the people using this software who are involved in the implementation process can provide feedback as to how they are using it. Be aware that, for the time being, there is a chance they will be spending more time navigating the new software than they do being productive.

Be patient! Avoid adding work that is beyond the agreed-upon scope. If you stick to where your control lies - your original plan, the things that matter most, and the end-user's experience - your mission will self-evolve. The software vendors and engineers are going to execute requirements according to the provided specifications.

Hold onto and document everything: you never know when you will need to use an earlier version. Software implementation often fails because we stop trying to change it for the better.

In order for such a grand transition to go smoothly, you need to have a really good plan. That is, after all, one of the things we humans do best - next to being creative! Whether you're upgrading from spreadsheets to software, or you just need a new program to replace your old system, deciding which software solution best solves your problem is only the first step of a long implementation process. It's an often overlooked mistake to not emphasize the arduous implementation process (because, as marketers, we like to downplay the challenges).

Be upfront with end users. Things are going to be changing, and you will need their help. It is not easy, because it's not supposed to be easy. C'est la vie!

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