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How to Jumpstart Your Content and Achieve Your AI Goals

Brennan White
May 01, 2019

When you think of Artificial Intelligence, you may think of far fetched things like robots, self driving cars, and technology that only exist in science fiction movies. Although these advances may happen in the not so distant future, it is also commonly implemented to solve real-world problems, on a more basic level.

See It In Action

As researchers find new and innovative uses for technology, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent for everyday businesses. However, “only 20 percent of CIOs report experimenting with AI today. And only 20 percent of those — just 4 percent of organizations overall — report successful AI deployments”.

The solution to this problem is to make sure you are strategic in implementing the intelligent behavior and how you use your data, so that it will undoubtedly benefit your company. Here are some steps you can start taking to jumpstart your marketing efforts and reach your goals using AI.

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Select an AI Application for you   

Artificial Intelligence platforms are where the technology is actually put to work, and the machine can perform tasks previously done by human beings. The applications can imitate neural networks in the human brain, and therefore can learn, use reasoning, and solve problems. They also have capabilities such as speech recognition, and image recognition. When choosing your application, you need to consider which of these elements are most important to people at your business, and exactly what you want the platform to do for you. You can read more about the AI products that are available to your business here.

Understand Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics encompasses tools like data mining and machine learning, and is where you can really start driving meaningful changes in your business. This type of Artificial Intelligence software examines current and historical company data, to make predictions about the future. This can have a great impact on your content, because you can use the power of reinforcement learning to determine exactly what will be effective as a future strategy. This helps to save time and resources like human intelligence that can be used in other areas of your organization.

Influencers and Brands

The internet is currently packed with influencers, making it harder for brands to identify ones who are authentic and aligned with their company. Artificial Intelligence is helping to bridge this disconnect. Using deep learning algorithms and intelligent behaviors, these expert systems have the ability to analyze years of social media content to determine what influencer’s aesthetic and audience matches with that of your company. The technology takes huge data sets that would take hours or even days to understand with human intelligence and fuzzy logic. Utilizing machine learning for this instead makes the process and problem solving simple and straight to the point, so you can hire the best influencers.

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Artificial Intelligence Content

While content marketing is highly creative, you may be surprised that Artificial Intelligence is a great tool to help reach your content marketing goals. For example, there are a number of processes involved with content creation - like identifying the best topics and most effective times to post - that can be automated. Some other things you can uncover with deep learning algorithms are new keywords, and an overall understanding of the data you have available. There are even Artificial Intelligence applications like Cortex that can map out a content marketing strategy for your company, making it seamless and ensuring it is effective. It even uses image recognition to suggest photos to post, that can be managed through human-machine interfaces. Regardless of what software you implement, if you use Artificial Intelligence the right way, you can definitely make a significant change in your business, and get closer to reaching your goals.

Starting with any of these steps, or even doing more research on Artificial Intelligence is a step closer to making the most out of your data. Once you start uncovering insights and knowledge, your strategy will start to become clearer, so you can reach even more people.

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