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How Social Media Can Help Brands Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

September 27, 2019

Brand awareness is something you have to understand before building your brand's social media presence. In this oversaturated market of today’s modern world, you have to gain a realistic view on how popular you are to your target audience. How much mind share, and market share you have within your customers mind and within your marketplace? 

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Social media marketing will enhance your brand awareness and increase the sales you need to reach your bottom line. Great social media campaigns and social media engagement are more important than ever. This tool will help you gain brand loyalty from potential customers and sustain loyalty from current consumers. 

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The Main Idea:

If your brand uses social media accounts effectively and consistently, your brand’s customer experience, thus market share, will improve. Noticing how social media strategy can help brands stand out in an oversaturated market will help you maneuver through selling your brand to others on social networks.

Below are a few reasons why social networks helps your brand in a world that’s drowning with content. 

1. Visual Intelligence Builds Memory 

Visual Intelligence is basically a subgroup of content intelligence. Visually understanding a piece of content is visual intelligence, which builds a memory for the viewer. Having strong visual content will help your brand experience. 

Why “Aesthetic” Isn’t Just a Trendy Term:

Aesthetic basically means your content is visually pleasing. By building a certain aesthetic through consistent choices of lighting and color, mindshare will increase in your customers mind. Your target audience will feel inclined to follow your social channels and know what content they are getting when they partake in brand loyalty by clicking that follow button. 

Use of Color Palette:

Using consistent tones of colors is important because you want your followers to gain a certain feeling about your brand. Different colors have different meanings. Blue and green shades are calming tones, while red and yellow shades are stimulating tones. 

Cortex does an excellent job in retreating information about their client’s branding on social media, then conducting reports about what colors are working well and what colors are not. The AI tool indicates other positive and negative trends in their client’s digital marketing and media accounts. 


Your Aesthetic Should Reflect Your Brand:

The overall theme of your graphics and fonts should embody your product. These small visual details throughout your media will add up to build an overall brand identity. For instance, putting the same graphics on your social media posts and on your product will build a strong visual intelligence. 

A pro tip for consistent graphics and fonts throughout your product and media is putting your logo as your profile picture on social media. If your logo isn’t the icon of your media, your followers or viewers won’t take your brand seriously, nor remember your brand. 

2. Everyone Has It

It doesn’t matter if your company is small, medium or large. If you strategically use your social media channels, enhance your products buzz will block out the noise of competing brands. When you’re competing in an oversaturated market, it’s important to compete on a platform that everyone’s using; social media platforms. There are more consumers on social media, then there are brands. Branding on social media is a more efficient strategy for engagement with your brand, than just your website alone would. 

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Your Consumer’s Thought Process:

You’re more likely to find customers interacting with a brand through media, than them recalling your brand and Googling your products, especially if your companies on the smaller scale. 

Majority your customers probably have social media accounts, and even more so if your target audience is younger generations. They want the brands they’re buying from to have a media presence. There’s already a probability that your consumer or potential consumer interact with your media but producing well- constructed content marketing will enhance your ROI.

Building a Message Around Your Target Audience: 

The grocery store Trader Joes does an excellent job at maintaining an image of being some local farmers market yet competing on a worldwide corporation level. 

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Their social media is targeted around their audience of young adults. In today’s world, this audience is concerned about sustainability and ethical changes. Trader Joes will update their pages with how the company has made ethical moves in their company. 

This grocery store sells non- food products like shower products, flowers, and alcohol which they make sure to place on their social media. Their Instagram consistently uses bright colors and has a good flow throughout posts. These bright colors present a youthful feel. Creating content around your audience will make for better results. 

3. Interpersonal Communication

Social media gives your brand the freedom to create voice and interact with your followers. 

Customer Service Tool: 

Customer service has taken on a different role since the rise of social media. In seconds, brands can engage with customers who have questions, comments, and concerns. If media accounts comment information about the brand, this social sharing allows social media followers to gain insight about the brand as well. 

Personal Narrative: 

Creating a personal narrative for your brand sets you apart from competitors. Your tone of voice throughout your content should reflect the brand identity you wish to build. 

For instance, if your brand’s in a market that sells simple products, your social platforms should be marketing with undertones of humor. If your social media profiles venture outside your market, your platforms will create buzz. 

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Contests Enhance Content:

Contests are a great way to show your customers you care, and gain traction. Interactive contests create dialogue with you and your consumers, which helps sustain trust. 

Instagram contests and promotions are seen frequently. Many consist of “tag two friends and follow all our social media pages to win a gift card”. This user-generated content is a win- win for both your consumer, and your social media channels.


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