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Fix Your Subpar Paid Advertising

Madeleine Ivy Baughn
June 28, 2019


How to Stop Wasting Money On Advertising and Learn to Love Machine Learning

giphy (1)-21Many marketers find themselves spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads, the most popular form of digital advertising. But, so much money is wasted with little to no sales or leads generated. If you want to get ahead, you should be focused on utilizing artificial intelligence like machine learning and deep learning. Simply targeting demographics and interests are not enough. 

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You need machine learning algorithms to read data and to help you reach a specific audience. Deep learning can help us perform many tasks that humans don't particularly like to do or do without error. Machine learning uses data to cluster and categorize the content. Some examples of this are natural language techniques (reading text messages) and face identification. Google Translate is an example of deep learning being utilized by Google. 

Powered by neural networks, similar to the ones in our brain, machine learning is designed to process information in a human manner and performs data mining that would be difficult for humans to do on our own. 

92% of social marketers use Facebook for advertising, but most fail. Facebook is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness for your company through the news feed. But on Facebook, you are likely advertising to customers who may have a need for your product (but aren’t in need of it). You can't take full advantage of machine learning techniques with Facebook like you can with Google. 

giphy (3)-8Consumers are searching on Google to find a solution to their problem/ to fulfill a need. You are their solution. Machine learning will help your content rank high on Google, thus appearing at the top of the search results, so they can find you. Using statistical data, artificial intelligence and machine learning use logistic regression to analyze, describe, and explain the relationships between variables in a data set. Machine learning is changing content intelligence because it is developing neural networks with big data.

The first five results on Google get 67% of clicks and 75% of the clicks happen on the first page of the search results. When you don’t rank well, machine learning is categorizing you as irrelevant to the consumer. On one side, quality content is extremely important to engage your audience and provide them value. On the other side, it's important to focus on marketing models and tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence that will use data to help you target your audience. Without this, they will never see your content.

Could Fixing Your SEO Directly Increase Your Sales? 

The easy answer: Yes, it could. 

The Managing Director of Notable, a business solutions firm, explains the value of investing in good SEO. In summary, a 3rd place rank on Google could translate to about $9000 in sales revenue each month. By targeting the right keywords and utilizing the features of Google Adwords, you can target consumers that are already searching for your content. Whereas, on Facebook, you are targeting potential curious consumers, not ready to take action. 

Machine learning uses big data analytics to learn from data, identify patterns, and recognize relevant information based on what you are searching for. Supervised learning is categorizing content and presenting relevant information to the user based on keywords using algorithms.

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Start Investing In Artificial Intelligence If You Want ROI On Your Paid Advertising

Quality SEO works to your advantage because the more keywords you hit, the higher your quality score on Google. Quality scores are determined by the expected click-through rate, Ad relevance, and landing page experience. A combination of good SEO, good quality score, and a competitive bid price are the best way to get your content in front of your target audience. This strategy uses machine learning to target your consumers based on their search preferences. 

Through machine learning, your web pages will show the algorithm that you are relevant to the audience searching for you, similar to recommender systems (Netflix, Youtube, Spotify).

How Is Machine Learning Used? 

Google uses machine learning for automated bidding--this ensures you will get the biggest bang for your buck--and you aren’t losing out on the 75% of consumers on the first page of search results. Thanks to machine learning, algorithms know when to pause your sponsored ads if they aren’t effective. Machine learning saves time and money. Machine learning uses learning algorithms like linear regression to find patterns and classify information. Unsupervised learning draws inferences from data which can be used to associate data and find hidden patterns. By clustering data, we are able to analyze big data and manipulate content through machine learning algorithms. Supervised learning, on the other hand, classifies information. An example of this? Your email categorizes and separates which emails are spam for your convenience. Learning algorithms like random forest use machine learning to classify and predict data (supervised learning).

Why Is Content Intelligence Important?

Content intelligence is powerful because it uses machine learning to target a customer with the right content at the right time. Unlike the “curious clicking” we see with Facebook Ads, optimized SEO increases content intelligence, making you more competitive against other brands online. Machine learning will provide long term success if you continue to refresh your content and rank for the best keywords. 

Unlike paid Facebook Ads, machine learning algorithms will help you strategically position your brand as relevant on Google. It positions you as a solution within the market, rather than “an interest” on Facebook. High ranking makes your brand more credible, relevant, easy to find and can increase sales. Content intelligence allows you to reach a wide audience that has an intent. You aren’t simply targeting a buyer persona on Facebook, you are using machine learning to intentionally reach your target customers. 

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Use Artificial Intelligence To Increase Your Content Intelligence

Companies like MarketMuse use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you strategically research, plan, and craft your content to rank higher on Google. We are proof this strategy works because we have tripled our traffic and increased our leads by 30%. 

MarketMuse uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to compare your content to thousands of other pieces of content to identify keywords you need to mention to rank higher than them. Machine learning uses algorithms and statistics to identify patterns that humans can’t, through unsupervised learning data science.

Because the internet is saturated with content, our expertise alone is not enough. We must use creativity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve our content intelligence online if we want to increase sales and leads. Not only can machine learning increase your sales and leads, but it also creates a personalized experience for customers. By analyzing 3 billion pieces of content, MarketMuse reports back with the best keywords that your audience is looking for. This content marketing strategy is calculated, unlike Facebook advertising that can leave you with little to no advertising money, and few leads.

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Machine learning uses human psychology concepts like neural networks to help rank information for users. MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to organize data acts as a keyword classifier. Artificial intelligence can take large data sets and through unsupervised learning draw clusters and make inferences about the data. Machine learning models are the best way for us to scale our marketing campaigns to reach large audiences.

Refocusing your content marketing on SEO and using tools like MarketMuse will provide a wider yet more targeted audience (that is already searching for you). Using machine learning models and data in your content marketing will position you as a major player in your industry, ultimately increasing leads and sales. If you want to remain competitive in today's digital market, it’s essential you use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and tools like MarketMuse to increase your content intelligence. 

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