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Meet the Young Innovator Award Finalists

Matt Peters
January 19, 2017

After 16,000+ votes, the finalists for the Young Innovator Award have been chosen.

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Brennan White, CEO, Cortex

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation means seeing a trend and going after it so hard that your friends, family, and competition think you're crazy until they experience the impact of your final product.

What’s the best innovation you’ve seen recently?

Tesla solar roof tiles – They successfully execute the obvious part of innovation, creating something that changes the world, and the less obvious part, making something that’s easy to adopt.

Who is your innovation hero?

Elon Musk. He’s taking on several of the most challenging problems facing humanity, simultaneously, against entrenched businesses and politics – and winning.

Which brand/company is the most innovative, in your opinion?

Amazon. From their new announcement, shopping in a store without checking out, to their original vision, “the everything store”, they’ve consistently imagined a better world and built it.

If you win the competition, what will you put your winnings towards?

I’ll take the Cortex team out for a bourbon. They make the vision real and work fun. The rest will go into more research to continue innovating.

> View all the finalists and read the full post on The Drum.

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