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11 Ways to Continuously Improve Your Soft and Hard Skills

Matt Peters
June 01, 2017

As seen in The Savvy Intern:

"Ask anyone with a highly successful career. They’ll tell you: Lifelong learning — and specifically continuous development of both soft and hard skills — is the single best way to improve your career prospects.

So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this simple question:

For the young careerist, what is the single best way to improve both soft and hard skills?

Cortex CEO Brennan White answered, Get into the Ring:

The single best way to learn is to do. Jobs that provide a well-rounded set of experiences where you have to meet and understand people from different backgrounds with different goals immediately teach you how to deal with different and unexpected situations."

See all 11 tips and read the full post on The Savvy Intern.

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