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Cortex Launches Enhanced Video Analysis

John Lahr
March 10, 2017

More Ways to Improve Video Engagement

Video content recommendations in Cortex Foresight publishing calendar just got better. Now, you can go beyond caption recommendations (like keywords and hashtags) to see what visual elements draw your audience in and keep them engaged.

Discover What Works

You can stop guessing about what color background to use, what objects to use as a focal point, how long a video should be, and more.

Producing and sharing video content that your audience finds interesting will increase view duration, post interactions, and reach.

Here's how to leverage enhanced video analysis:

When you log in to Cortex, look for video post type recommendations, indicated by a film frame icon. Click to edit the post. 

video post recommendations

You'll see recommendations for what colors to use (hover for the HEX value), elements to include in the video, as well as caption suggestions for engaging keywords and hashtags. Upload your video and schedule it to publish right from the Foresight dashboard.

Log in to Cortex to try it out.

Check out Video Analysis in Action

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