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Ask the Thought Leaders: What's the Future of Marketing?

Brennan White
March 27, 2017

As seen on The Future of Everything:

“Marketing is currently moving from not-very-targetable, to extremely-targetable. That’s a huge benefit for marketing outcomes and a reason for Facebook’s huge market cap. There is a lot more growth there.

But, once we’re through with obsessing over micro demographic segments, the industry will focus on the final thing: optimizing for conversion.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is conversion, sales, ROI. We will be leaning heavily on machine learning to automatically optimize our campaigns on things that convert (full stop), skipping the step of worrying about which demographics we think will convert.

It’s currently an improvement, so it’s a boon the industry that demographic targeting is so robust these days, but the industry will again realize that the map is not the territory. That tight demographics are not guaranteed sales. Optimizing for what sells is the ultimate form of marketing and will be widespread in 10-15 years.”

Read predictions from all the thought leaders and the full post at The Future of Everything.

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