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6 Ways New Startups Can Improve Their PR Efforts

Brennan White
April 03, 2017

As seen on Inc.:

If you're a new contender in your industry, chances are one of your first orders of business is to get your name out there and elevate your credibility as a reputable brand. But in order to do that, you'll need to devise a strategic PR approach that includes building valuable relationships with key stakeholders like journalists and your target audience.

Keep Pace With The Content Explosion

These six entrepreneurs share their best tips for getting noticed -- and showcasing exactly what you bring to the table.

Look to the comments section on existing press mentions.

What's the quickest way to turn a negative PR situation into a positive one? Respond swiftly -- and professionally -- to any negative comments you receive regarding your brand online.

"Each time you get significant ink, you will have [negative] comments online," says Brennan White, CEO of intelligent platform Cortex. "Find some of the least positive comments and engage with them. Listen to what they're saying and understand their side. If done well, the commenter receives the social value of the author catering to their expectations and often publicly retracts their statement."

White believes this act will position any founder as a gracious and caring leader.

Read all the tips and the full article on Inc.

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