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12 Ways to Stay on the First Page of Search Results

John Lahr
April 25, 2017

As seen in All Business:

"First-page placement on a search means more hits and visibility for your site along with all the rewards that presence brings. However, your success now raises a new question: Now that you’re there, how do you keep your spot?

Create the Best Visual Content Using AI

To find the answer, we asked 12 successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

Q. My company has finally gotten to the first page of SERPs for my desired keywords. What can I do now to maintain my position?

Use Knowledge Graph to Improve Your Standing

Once you rank for an important search, you should determine what other searches are related to it in the search engine’s Knowledge Graph (MarketMuse does this). By building content around those other searches, the search engines will know you are a more complete source of information on the topic and will improve your rankings across many related searches. —Brennan White, Cortex"

Read all the tips and the full post on All Business.

A Great Offer, Just a Click Away

Content Optimization is one of the biggest factors in having a successful and engaging post on social media.

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