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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Account Based Marketing

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Account Based Marketing

This is one post in a series on Artificial Intelligence’s implications on marketing, analytics, and you. We will cover a definition of AI, what it means for marketers, marketing applications, and how to implement AI technology in your company.

AI for ABM and Personalized Messaging

In today's digital world, every consumer action leaves a trail of data points. Marketers can leverage that data to create one-to-one messages for every stage of the customer journey. Identifying the unique needs of your buyers is the most important part of creating messages relevant to their individual process.

In the past, mining this data and turning it into actionable information took coordination between systems, teams, and lots of time. Today, businesses can use artificial intelligence to gather, clean, and process the information in minutes. AI can identify patterns and insights humans would not typically find.

Once you understand the motivations behind consumer actions, AI uses those psychographics to develop more personalized marketing messages.

Instead of creating a message aimed at a mass market, or even at a very targeted group, AI is leading to markets of one individual.

Depending on where someone is within the marketing funnel, and the unique path they took to get there, you can serve them the exact messaging that will drive them to the next step.

Marketers can use this capability to make sure no opportunity is missed or wasted and no lead is left behind.

Whether someone is researching for a vacation months away or in the coming weekend, AI can predict his or her needs and keep serving them relevant messaging.

A luxury hotel can serve Facebook ads about different activities or amenities for the leisure traveler, and conveniences for the business traveler. Has this individual stayed at the hotel before? What type of restaurants do they usually frequent? Are they a member of a loyalty program for a store nearby?

With AI, you can offer dinner reservations at their favorite nearby restaurant or let them know about sales at a local shop they purchased from before.

Based on their responses to those messages, AI will create even more personalized messaging in the future.

AI is opening the doors for marketers to be more effective in their efforts. It saves time, makes messages more relevant, and allows a higher level of connection and creativity.


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