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Are You Losing Followers Due to Bad Photo Content?

Brennan White
April 19, 2019

Whether you are using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, the way you communicate with people on each platform is totally different. Most people are more attracted to visual content, and others prefer text.

Beat The Competition

Why am I losing followers on Twitter? Instagram? Facebook?

With more than a billion users worldwide, Instagram is becoming a “must-have” for your business. This platform allows you to post pictures and videos with now the ability to create live videos, Instagram TV, filters and more. All these features are huge if you are looking to win with Instagram new algorithm. Instagram is all about visual so posting low-quality photos will make you lose a large portion of your audience. Instagram is a visual platform having relevant and high- quality image will bring you more followers. What can bring brand loyalty is your consistency. If your posts are scheduled you are giving your audience the chance to get used to your content in their feeds.

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Create a content strategy where you post 1-2 per day or 4 times a week so you don’t annoy your followers. Another reason why your losing followers is because of your caption. Great image can keep your followers interested but good caption can make them take the right decisions. It’s all about storytelling, your experience, call to action, or the question you ask. By creating relevant and engaging caption your audience will feel like you are talking directly to them. Your hashtag might also be the reason why your followers are not coming back to your platform. Hashtags are useful, it’s a way to put your engaging content in front of your new audiences.

In July 2018, Twitter reported a decline in monthly active users, which is a major sign of its decreasing popularity. There are plenty of reasons why you are losing followers and why twitter is getting more obsolete.

First and foremost, followers might think that your tweets are unfocused. They want consistency, that’s the reason why they follow you. It’s important to stick to your main are of interest, be active and consistent so you can keep them interested and this might create more engagement. Last but not least, don’t be too promotional in your tweets. If the majority of your tweets are about your own products or service your followers will just avoid your platform and unfollow you. Twitter is a way to divulge information and get connection; using it to send promotional message will make you lose followers. You should actually focus on retweet relevant content and comments your followers posts, this will show that you are listening and actually care. 

giphy (4)-5Facebook has plenty of great tools to track your analytics such as likes, comments, followers, visit of the page etc. Users are willing to read longer texts and watch a longer videos compared to the two other platforms. Facebook is also more social. It used to be a way to keep in touch with your family and friends but today content marketers and businesses are also using it.

In 2017, Facebook has an average of 1,500 stories per day. People see a lot of posts in a day so posting irrelevant contents might make you lose fans. Like the two other tools, you are losing followers because you are not posting as frequently or maybe posting too much. Without consistency, you will not create any opportunity to engage with your audience. Furthermore, you might apply narrow post targeting.

Today with its countless real-world applications, Artificial Intelligence allows marketers to produce content faster and then promote them to the most interested audience in an efficient way. It was a hard decision for many digital marketers to embrace Artificial Intelligence because they were believing that the results of using technology were uncertain, or that a computer could never be as good as a human. 

giphy-30Are you lacking cohesiveness (sticking together), tone, consistency, theme, message?

The common thread of social media is consistent messaging and branding. It’s what makes them effective. It can be difficult to display a cohesive message across all apps because the content marketing strategy and the consumers are different in each app. Just like the bio, the images in your feed give your consumers and followers a taste of what your content will be. If your feed is awkward with different images, uneven colors, and low image quality, you can easily scare away potential followers. On the other hand, if your feed is filled with high-quality photos that flow effortlessly from one to the next, your follower count will naturally skyrocket.

Too salesy

Nowadays, people are more looking for connection than buying your actual product. If you’re constantly promoting your products without providing any value, your audience will not find interest. The ideal will be to educate the audience about your product; who it’s good for, how it fits, some recommendations etc. using influencers is the new strategy to gain followers. Influencers will resonate your audience, and make them take the next step.

You don't have a purpose, value, entertainment, or education to your persona and posts

To avoid losing followers, entertain them and make sure to create content that they will share with their friends. For instance, if your interest is talking about how to improve your credit, make sure to educate and give them solutions on how to improve their credit score.  Offer them up to date, well-made memes with funny complimentary captions.

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