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A strategic partnership with Getty Images to bring AI to creative imagery

John Lahr
April 04, 2018

Cortex is incredibly excited to announce a major strategic partnership with the worldwide leader in visual communication, Getty Images. Starting today, Cortex customers with a Getty or iStock Photos account will be able to have their content recommendations in Foresight populate the perfect Getty photo for each post, automatically.

See It In Action

While this is a big step forward toward making social media as effective and efficient as possible, what we are more excited about is the the broader opportunity at hand to combine AI with the world’s largest database of professional marketing images. Each image in Getty’s repository is a hand tagged for the elements that Cortex already tracks, and with this partnership Cortex is now training our models on Getty’s 350 million professional images.

"Having an abundance of content is amazing for choice, but without the data to understand it, it can also be overwhelming. Cortex has developed a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool that makes constantly choosing the best visual content for your brand easy." said Getty Images Senior Vice President of Data and Insights Andrew Hamilton. “Getty's highly annotated visual content paired with Cortex's AI platform creates an unfair advantage for brands over their competition.”

See the Getty - Cortex partnership in action

ALL of our customers will be able to reap the benefits of dramatic improvements in our content recommendations. In the words of our CEO, Brennan White, “Cortex’s models are now learning on the largest set of professional image performance data ever created. Partnering with Getty Images provides our customers with access to the highest quality visuals available and gives them the tools they need to effectively engage any target audience.”

Helping marketers create the content they know will be effective as easily as possible is at the core of why Getty and Cortex have come together. We believe that AI and machine learning can empower marketers, and creatives in general, to make new content that their audience wants to interact without the need for A/B testing and luck to be the predominant strategies.

This allows creatives to spend more time exploring the white space of content they haven’t tried before, with the confidence that comes with knowing what they try will likely be effective. We’ve already seen our clients be effective with this approach. According to VP of Client services at Pandemic Labs, Dana Leever, “Cortex’s custom models for our content have shown us several kinds of content we needed to make, and how to better improve on what we were already making. Now that we have access to the Getty database, we can’t wait to have access to all the content we could ever need!”

This is why Cortex was created and what gets us stoked in the morning. We couldn’t be more ecstatic to be working with Getty on this mission, and we look forward to building the future of creative work with them and all of you.

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