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6 Tips to Increase Your Brand Recognition on Social Media Platforms

Ray Slater Berry
March 27, 2020

Making the company as recognizable as possible is the goal of every branding campaign. Here are a few things you can do to make your company stand out from the competition on social media and increase your brand recognition.

1. Vary your content types

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Later Media Instagram Page

Keep your content varied, try to get out of thinking you need a great image alongside a witty caption. This used to work but people are demanding so much more from brands in today’s climate and you need to stay on your toes as much as you keep your followers on your toes, too. Mix your content up and keep your social feeds engaging. Consider:

The list goes on. Find content types that you have the resources to work with and build on those.

2. Develop a brand aesthetic

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There’s nothing stronger than a good brand aesthetic. Find a color scheme, font, and style that suits your brand and let it shine on social. Your social channels are your play space for your brand to try out new things and see how they’re received.

Be playful with your tone of voice, witty and current. Your followers will thank you for it and they’ll welcome new content from you in the future.

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3. Go Live

There’s still a huge push on live content. ‘The live streaming market is expected to more than double in growth by 2021, with projections of more than $70 billion’ and gain an increase of viewership of up to 60%.

Sprout Social found that people watch live videos 3x longer than pre-recorded videos, and brands aren’t doing it enough. It’s an easy way for you to jump to the top of newsfeeds. In a market that’s saturated with content, seize the opportunity that is sparsely populated and consider going live.

4. Put a face to your brand


Paid partnership with @Torrid and @Ariellesays

This can be done through influencers or via internal staff. People relate to people so find a face for your brand, someone people can relate to and put them at the forefront of your content every so often. The paid partnership that you can see above was Torrid’s best-performing video content of all time, on Instagram.

79% of brands currently turn to Instagram for Influencer campaigns, however, with the rise of Tik Tok don’t let that limit your vision. Consider other channels that you can work with influencers on and remember just because someone is a macro influencer on one platform, doesn’t mean they are on every platform. Identify the platform first and find the influencer second.

5.  Talk to the platform you’re on

So many brands fall victim to this and it ultimately becomes the downfall to their social strategy. Let your content be driven by platform-first thinking. Don’t create a piece of content and distribute it with the same copy across all your social channels.

Every social platform has positives. Use them. Create content specifically for the channel and the users of that channel. You’ll rank higher for it. Aim for:

Facebook: Groups, Events, Live and Community Based content

LinkedIn: Articles, company culture, and industry insights

Instagram: Optimize for Stories, Live and aim to stop thumbs

TikTok: Try out Challenges, create entertaining content, push for virality

Twitter: Focus on brand reach, Partnerships, Threads, be witty

Pinterest: Inspire, Focus on a color palette, collaborate with other users

6. Go for Virality

Of course, we want to educate people on what our brand or product is but sometimes it’s actually best to shoot for reach. Aim to create content that entertains and engages within your social media marketing plan, it doesn’t have to always educate.

With new reach comes new audiences, let the educational factor come later in the customer’s journey. Instagram and TikTok are great for viral opportunities.

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