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7 Essential Strategies to Use When Marketing to Generation Z

Meggie Nahatakyan
February 14, 2020

Generation Z is a force to be reckoned with, next to the Millennials. Those born between 2006 and 2010 are now coming of age and has an annual spend of around 44 billion USD. The youngest generation is also projected to account for 40% of all consumers in the US when 2020 comes. It goes to say they are a size-able target for marketers, many of which are just starting to understand them.

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In the US, the largest share of millennials belongs to California, and it has a substantial population of Generation Z as well. If your marketing efforts are geared towards LA, doing a thorough research on your audience before outlining your strategy is crucial. In that regard, this article can help you as it introduces 7 vital strategies you can arm yourself with when marketing to Generation Z.

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1. Gender-Based Personalized Approach

Gender-based marketing remains fundamental in today’s digital landscape. It is a fact that both males and females have different needs, preferences, and behavior. Therefore, it makes sense that in marketing to Generation Z, you also adopt a more personalized approach based on gender. Segmentation will provide you with a higher competitive advantage, given the key differences in the demands of a male and female from this generation.

2. Offer Affordable Luxury

One thing that makes the Gen Zs startlingly different from Millennials is that they aren’t as cost-conscious as the latter. The younger generation is notably more open in spending their money if you offer them with unique experiences. Of course, it is all based on their individualistic expectations, so that every one of them has a different idea of a premium experience. In that case, offering them affordable luxury is an excellent strategy but make sure to deliver it in a personalized approach.

3. Provide Value and Interactivity

Generation Zs are born with technology as the key aspects of their daily life. Unlike Millennials who think of these techs as a nice perk, the Gen Zs consider them a necessity. Therefore, you need to embrace technology in all aspects of your communication. If you don’t, you risk getting ousted by this tech-savvy generation. Besides interactivity, though, you need to give them value. Letting them sit through sponsored content or ads all day will send them moving on to the next resource.

4. Give Them Ultimate Convenience

Above anything else, convenience matters for Gen Zs. It is highly important for them that they will pay handsomely to receive the highest accessibility. It is evident with the increasing use of the Internet, streaming, and subscription services that the younger generation values so much. Even with things they can do on their own, they will use their smartphones and order delivery. Seeing the spending habits of Generation Z, it makes sense that businesses work towards giving them the ultimate convenience if you want to market to them successfully.

5. Experiment on Both Offline and Online Strategies

Generation Z is known to have evolving preferences. They like behind-the-scenes footage, local events, hands-on demonstrations, and anything with authentic flavor. As the youngest consumers’ market share continues to grow, they also have louder opinions that are pointedly vital. In addressing this, you need to adopt an experiential attitude when using a range of international and local marketing strategies. This way, you can find the right response to their ever-changing demands.

6. Optimized Mobile Experience

As mentioned before, the younger consumer grew up in the tech world. They know their way in computers and smartphones, possibly even better than you. If you want to market to them, you need to catch up and show them an optimized mobile experience. Just having a mobile responsive website design is a huge matter in catching their attention. That being the case, simplify the processes in your website and keep implementing your strategy with mobile devices in mind. In that way, you will be able to sell your brand to them.

7. Share Your Story Within 8 Seconds or Less

Most humans have a short attention span, but the Gen Zs average is around 8 seconds. That’s how short you can capture their attention and keep it long enough to get them to click. If you want to market to them, you need to be able to share your full story within that short time. It isn’t easy, but the best creators can surely cater to this demand. Show the younger generation what you are made of and show them how you can help in 8 seconds tops.

So, this is how you do it. With a personalized approach and experiential attitude along with a perfect understanding of what the younger consumer looks for, marketing to the Gen Z could be a lot easier. It takes an effort in getting to know them, but with these strategies, you are one step closer.

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