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7 Brands That Use AI and Brand Experience

October 11, 2019


The objective of companies using AI to build their brand experience for users. By using AI to improve the customer journey, you will boost content performance, understand your audience, and personalize your content for users. Below are seven brands that use AI differently to enhance the customer experience. 

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Under Armor 

In this day and age there are multiple fitness apps, including Under Armor apps that track your fitness, weight loss, and calories. Under Armor has made an app called “Record” which can automatically detect and record your progress 24/7, all by itself. 


This app can track your sleep, steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It behaves a fitness watch. Besides putting in your calorie intake, the app can collect all the information on its own.

From your information, the app can make and suggest certain healthy habits and workouts. This IBM cognitive coaching system is an experience design based solely on the consumer. 


The Away team religiously tracks consumer behavior, so they can build their brand experience, and build brand loyalty. To track customer engagement, and potential customers they use AI. Away does not sell or engage with Amazon, because they would not be given their customer data. By using this data about user experience, they can build or adjust their brand identity.

Their customer tracking reports are similar to Cortex’s reports conducted their AI. Cortex compiles information about user habits to determine what trends are successful and vice versa. The concise reports help Cortex’s clients build a digital presence. 


Google- Google Pixel

Though Google is known for giving users exceptional digital experiences, within the smartphone market, their phones exceed expectations. The new Google Pixel 3 Phone has more AI than any smartphone right now. This AI is directly powered through the device itself, and not through a third party.

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Some AI features include taking clear photos in the dark then suggesting filters, answering your phone calls for you, intercepting spam calls, and charging wirelessly. The device also has voice recognition technology, which enhances customer loyalty, and brand relevance, as voice recognition creates a memorable experience for the target audience. These AI features enhance the user’s brand experience.


Starbucks uses AI through their rewards program, and its mobile app to capture your data, which helps build their brand experience.

Rewards Program/ Mobile App:

The Starbucks Rewards Program is a tool to gain a relationship with customers. For instance, on your birthday, you get a free coffee. A mobile app user can communicate with the barista through voice assistance. 

giphy (1)-34

Starbucks can take your buying history and give you offers that they know you will enjoy. This form of the flywheel method takes into consideration the date of purchase, the time of order, and the location.

Redeeming a customer’s transaction and applying it to their rewards is similar to what Cortex does. As for brand’s competing in the social media world, Cortex gives you a brand strategy through a calendar of what date and time to post, according to competitor’s posting schedules. Even better, they suggest what kind of content and caption to post at that date and time.

AI for Research:

When Starbucks started to retail home products in grocery stores, they wanted to first research what products would be successful. To determine this, they used data from customers and reports about home consumption. 

Starbucks also decides what menu items to add and keep based off AI conducted consumption habits of customers.


Recommended for you:

Netflix uses user data from shows their user has watched and shows on their watch "list", to then create a "recommended for you" list of shows and movies. Majority Netflix users start shows from these AI-generated recommendations. 

giphy (2)-28

How Compatible you are:

On each show or movie listed on your account, Netflix gives you a percentage of compatibility your viewing history is with that particular show. For instance, if you like teen dramas, Netflix’s AI will give you a high compatibility percentage for a romantic comedy movie. 


Like the majority of clothing websites, Nordstrom tries to create an in-person experience through their virtual “recommended for you” feature. This technology takes data of your viewed clothing on the site and creates a list of suggestions that fit your style. 

Innovation Lab:

Nordstrom has a lab of professionals specifically dedicated to brainstorming ways to implement their big data into sales, and the brand experience. 

One feature they have developed is within the Nordstrom app. First, you put items you are interested in the app. If you walk into a store, the app can track your location and notify you if your desired items are in that store. This AI builds the customers brand experience significantly.

giphy (3)-19

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger needed new designs for a collection but didn’t want to repeat their past designs. The Hilfiger business used AI for research purposes to collect big data about the company's past designers, along with current fashion trends.

giphy (4)-14

Once this information was collected, the company gave their reports to designers at the Fashion Institute of Technology. These designers used the AI information as an opportunity to digitally create fresh designs for Tommy Hilfiger. The company’s overall brand experience was heightened because customers were given something unique brand designs, yet on fashion trends. 

AI and machine learning are only improving, which explains why all the brand's mentioned above use this technology in unique ways. If you want your company to become a successful brand through brand experience, AI implantation is a part of that equation.


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