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Meet Cortex

Foresight AI Uncovers the Best Times to Post on Social Media

Automate scheduling social media posts at the best times to maximize exposure and engagement. Based on analysis of billions of posts, not opinions.

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Everything you need to increase the reach and engagements on your content.

Social Media Schedule

The best times and days to publish based on fan activity for each respective network.

Instagram Management

Schedule posts to multiple Instagram accounts, optimize photos, text, and hashtags.

All-in-One Dashboard

Manage content and publish to all your social networks from one place.

Top Performing Content

Know the best content (media type, topic, colors, text, and hashtags) that resonates with your audience.

Social Advertising

Boost only the most effective posts and know exactly how much to spend.

Intelligent Analysis

Measure what matters for your brand and benchmark against the competition.

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