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Cortex Agency Partners

Bring the deepest content insights  to your clients.

“With Cortex, we've already sold more services in the first month of 2019 than all of 2018. We're able to take on more clients with our current staff, increase our margins, and land new clients quickly.

We also don't need to spend all our time doing menial tasks or trying to manage the constant changes of social, the software does all that for us. Instead, we can make smarter, more efficient marketing decisions and get back to creating.”

Levi Guerra

Levi Guerra
CEO & Creative Director, Artrageous Advertising

Why Partner With Cortex?

We work with agencies of all sizes to make content creation and social media marketing faster and more impactful for their clients. 

Built for Agencies

Created by digital marketers, for digital marketers. We help agencies big and small generate outsized results.

Easy Fleet Management

Easily manage fleet of clients and get laser-focused insights to streamline and optimize social media marketing. 

Custom Insights

Individual content insights customized for each client to make sure every page performs at its best.

Dedicated Support

Your personal expert from our Customer Success team for your on-boarding, training, and ongoing support.

White Label Service

Want a secret weapon to make your agency stand out to customers and prospects? We've got you covered.

Reseller Options

Think your clients can benefit from Cortex? Become a Cortex reseller and boost your performance and revenue.

Want to see if Cortex is right for you and your clients?

Featured Partners


Artrageous Advertising

Artrageous Advertising is the longest-standing marketing, advertising, and design agency in Lethbridge, Alberta, celebrating more than 20 years in business.

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Insign LA

Insign LA is the North American branch of Insign - a performance-driven creative marketing agency. From strategy to execution, they base their methodology on Business Hacking as a way to operate at the core of their clients' business model.  Some of their clients include NYX, BNP Paribas, and Shiseido. 

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H&L Partners

H&L Partners is an independent advertising agency dedicated to moving people, quite literally. They're nimble and proactive, adjusting to real-time sales data, social trends, media events, and even the weather to help clients build energy and business momentum.

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