Utah is home to five national parks and arguably the greatest snow on earth. The natural beauty of the state attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Utah Office of Tourism, uses social media to show all that Utah has to offer. From skiing to fishing, from hiking and eating, Utah has it all. And in order to make sure all their key messages are turned into social posts that drive success in each travel season, they use Cortex to make data-driven creative decisions.


  • HIGHLIGHTS346x higher engagement rate on Facebook within 5 months of using Cortex
  • FURTHER INFORMATIONUtah success with Cortex is not limited to the enormous increases in results seen on Facebook. Using Cortex to help them create and distribute their content, they have been able to sustain an engagement rate on Instagram that is 360% higher than their industry average, and an engagement rate on Pinterest that is 263% above their industry average.