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Enhance Your Creative with Powerful AI


Did you know that human process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? We're visual creatures and only the companies that create the most engaging visual content will succeed.

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Do you know what content your customers crave?

Your campaigns are only as good as the content you use.

Do you know what visual elements get your customers' attention or are you still relying on endless A/B testing?

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Supercharge Your Creative Strategy

Break down exactly which visual content trends impact performance, know what to keep doing, what to change, and what to test to boost conversions.

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Why Cortex?

Because you know that good creative matters, and visuals are at the heart of social, web, email, digital, TV, print and more.  

Know What Works

Let AI find insights about what makes your content work so you can launch campaigns with confidence.

Avoid Creative Mistakes

Learn from the world's largest database of creative performance data and optimize your content decisions.

Customizable Insight

Focus on the customers that matter to you with advanced demographic filtering that shows exactly what your audience loves. 

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