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Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketers

Enabling brands and agencies to plan, create, and share the most effective content possible at scale.



Know what photos, videos, and text will drive your consumers to react, engage, and purchase. Benchmark your posts against your competition and industry to learn what elements are really driving their results.

The first artificial intelligence built for content marketers, Cortex gives innovative brands the ability to scale their content production and increase the effectiveness of each and every piece. 


Content Strategy

Know exactly what makes your content connect with your audience, from macro trends to the smallest details that make your brand shine. Based on data, not opinions.



Creation at Scale 

Easily create dozens of pieces of content in minutes with post specific recommendations and automated image selection from your own assets and Getty Images. 



Effortless Deployment

Understand what, where, and how often to post on each channel and automatically share at the optimal time to drive the maximum engagement with your audience.


Join Top Companies and Share Their Success


Automated Social Media Optimization

Take your content to new heights with post-level recommendations on high performing image elements, primary colors, keywords, and hashtags. With Getty Images and Digital Asset Manager integrations you can create, schedule, and approve weeks of posts in minutes, not hours.

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 Content Strategy

Whether you're planning next quarter's content, researching competitors, or expanding into new markets or products, knowing what messaging and creative will resonate with your audience is critical. 

Cortex uses objective visual and textual data coupled with our AI platform to find the answer to any question in days, not months.

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Case Studies

AB In-Bev

AB - InBev

Image Recognition
St. Regis Gate

St. Regis

Travel / Hospitality

Visit Utah

Travel / Tourism

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Information on AI and its place in content marketing, best practices, research explainers, how to’s, and case studies

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