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A social media content intelligence platform for marketers and agencies to continuously improve post engagement.

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Most marketers have more data than they know what to do with. Creating reports takes too long, and analyzing them requires a dedicated analyst. Then you have to actually implement the insights into your strategy.

Cortex automates that process in minutes. Our platform uses AI to process social media data, uncover patterns that would take a human months to find, and translates insights into actionable direction.

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Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Social Media Content

Cortex not only identifies what makes your content truly valuable, it turns the insights into a template for you to easily optimize your social media.

Optimized Social Media Publishing Calendar

Get the roadmap you need for great social media content. The Cortex Foresight platform lets you easily manage multiple profiles and accounts in one place. You can schedule directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, with optimization for Instagram as well.

Streamlined Social Media Reporting

View profile and post-level metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest all in one place, including engagements and reach. Keep track of performance of your brand’s custom content themes.

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

Cortex analyzes everything your competition and industry does, to find what works best across the board. See how your competition’s profiles and posts are performing, and benchmark your efforts against theirs. You get an alert if any of their posts start gaining traction.

Cortex Platform Includes

Content Marketing Strategy

Receive a custom strategy optimized for your goals that adapts based on your audience’s behavior and learns over time.

Content Creation

See what colors, images, text, hashtags, and other content elements drive the consumer behaviors that you want.

Reporting and Analytics

Track your success. Get a clear view of how your social media efforts are doing, all in one glance, with all the data available to see what is working.

Advertising Optimization

Ensure that you’re spending your social media promotion budget perfectly. Cortex recommends the optimal spend for each post.

Competitor Tracking

Automatically keep an eye on your competition with full visibility into their actions and what they are doing that works.

Enterprise Profile Management

Easily monitor all your profiles. Identify low performers, schedule updates, and find trends.

Wanna Get Nerdy?

Cortex’s brain is an Artificial Intelligence platform that understands marketing content and predicts how consumers will react to that content. To do this, Cortex looks at the content posted by brands and their competitors and sees over 50 different ‘features’ in each piece of content. Colors and objects in images, keywords and hashtags in text, timing, cadence, and length are all examples of things Cortex can see in marketing content.

Using this set of ‘features’ to build machine learning models, Cortex then creates a content creation and deployment strategy for any brand.

Brands tracked

New pieces of content analyzed per day

Engagements tracked per day

Identifiable visual objects

How It Works

Data Collection

Collects data from your brand’s profiles, competitor profiles, and the industry overall.

Content Direction

Builds an optimized calendar where you can schedule posts and manage all your profiles.

Data Analysis

Uses artificial intelligence to analyze and identify what drives engagement on each social network.

Constant Refinement

Continuously improves recommendations with every new post using machine learning.

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