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Cortex helps you create content that drives the consumer behaviors you want.


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Content Strategy

Receive a custom strategy optimized for your goals, that evolves as your audience evolves and learns over time.

Advertising Optimization

Ensure that you’re spending your social media promotion budget perfectly. Cortex shows you the exact spend for each post.

Content Creation

Cortex shows you what colors, images, text, hashtags, and other content specifics drive the consumer behaviors that you want.

Competitor Tracking

Automatically keep an eye on your competition with full visibility into their actions and what they are doing that works.

Content Deployment

Cortex makes sure your content is automatically posted to the right social networks at the right times, without manual scheduling.

Portfolio Management

Manage hundreds of profiles and pages easily. Identify low performers, intelligently deploy resources, and know benchmarks.

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Cortex’s brain is an Artificial Intelligence platform that understands marketing content and predicts how consumers will react to that content. To do this, Cortex looks at the content posted by brands and their competitors and sees over 50 different ‘features’ in each piece of content. Colors and objects in images, keywords and hashtags in text, timing, cadence, and length are all examples of things Cortex can see in marketing content.

Using this set of ‘features’ to build machine learning models, Cortex then creates a content creation and deployment strategy for any brand.

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