Create Content That Drives Results

Engaging content inspires action, builds brands, and drives sales.

Proven Results Across Industries

Brands that use Cortex outperform industry benchmarks by 300%

Data-Driven Creative Decision-Making

Machine learning uncovers the patterns that make your consumers react, engage, and buy.

Content Guidance

Create optimal photo, video, and text content based on data, not on opinions.

Intelligent Deployment

Distribute your content at the right times to drive results with your audience.

Competitor Tracking

Automatically track your competition, and adjust to their moves in real time.

Increased Results

Increase your clicks, engagement, reach, and conversions automatically.

Case Studies

Maroon 5


The Ritz-Carlton




Visit Utah


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Demystify Creativity

Creativity doesn’t have to be an unmeasurable black box in your marketing process.

See every piece of content posted by your competitors and learn what aspects of their content are driving their results. Know what photos, videos, and text will drive your consumers to react, engage, and purchase.

The first artificial intelligence built for content marketers, Cortex gives innovative brands a huge competitive advantage.


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